Simon Aeppli

Eden (Extract)

2004 - 15mins

Eden, in Northern Ireland, shares few of the qualities of its namesake. It exists around the perimeter fence of one of Ireland's largest power stations. This portrait of my hometown forms the basis of a video that explores a run down half forgotten place. Focusing on Eden's residents, the work reveals a place filled with eccentricity, humour and beauty.

Selected for Made in London DVD through Film LondonArtist

Film and Video Development & Completion Award 2004, Film London


  • Format 17, International Photography festival, Derby (2017)
  • Belfast Film Festival (2013) Belfast
  • Tales of the North, Photon Gallery (2011) Ljubljana, Slovenija
  • MOVING IN ARCHITECUTRE, Camden Arts Centre (2006 ) London
  • S1 Salon at FACT (2006) Liverpool, UK
  • 5th London floating film festival (2005) London
  • Island Artist Film and Video Festival (2005) London
  • Darklight Digital Festival (2004) Dublin
  • Experimentica (2004) Cardiff
  • S1 Salon (2004) Sheffield