Simon Aeppli

2007 - 8mins

Keeping scrapbooks have been central to my practice as a filmmaker for the last ten years. These books are made from photographs, photocopied and found images, written fragments, quotes, letters, lists and my own fictitious notations. Secondhand daylight is the first in a series of videos that use my scrapbooks as a starting point for a moving image work. The video itself becomes a type of scrapbook as I interweave video footage I have collected over the years with images from the books. Secondhand daylight is an experimental narrative that explores place, memory and obsession.


  • Alchemy Film and Moving image Festival (2017)
  • Second issue of INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media & Radical Aesthetics (2010)
  • Shot by the Sea (2008) Hastings
  • 5th London Short Film Festival (2008) Institute of Contemporary Art, London
  • Big Screen(2007)Yunnan, China
  • 11th International Video Festival Videomedeja (2007) Novi Sad, Serbia
  • The Rencontres Internationales(2007) Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • Lucca Film Festival (2007) Italy
  • Sparkvideo (2007) New York
  • 24th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival (2007), Germany
  • dokumentART (2007) Neubrandenburg/Germany andSzczecin/ Poland
  • Antimatter Underground Film Festival (2007) Victoria BC, Canada
  • OHNE KOHLE! Independent film festival (2007) Vienna