Simon Aeppli

Lies, betrayal, treachery and a fight against the Secret State – Wilderness of Mirrors is the twisted tale of soldiers turned whistleblowers who paid a heavy price for attempting to expose dirty tricks at the height of conflict in Northern Ireland.

Colin Wallace, mastermind of Psychological Operations and Fake News for British Intelligence in the 70’s, got caught in the crossfire between MI5 and MI6 in a battle for supremacy in Ireland.

After running ingenious disinformation campaigns, Colin found himself on the wrong side of Fake News as a core right wing MI5 group, “The Ultras,” ran a smear campaign that destroyed the lives of anyone who stood in their way.

Captain Fred Holroyd, undercover agent for MI6 and also a victim of dirty tricks, was the fellow spy who exposed Colin’s story, and saved him from life imprisonment. Black propaganda and sinister set ups by their former Spook bosses ruined their lives; now they want to speak out.

50 years after intelligence services first set foot in Northern Ireland, with exclusive access to our main characters and archive from intelligence files, we dive into the Wilderness of Mirrors to tell their incredible story. A thrilling, disturbing and darkly comic tale, Wilderness of Mirrors spans the shadowy worlds of MI5, MI6, the CIA, Communism, and terrorist counter gangs.

In our "post truth" age of disinformation and a return to Cold War tactics, on the brink of Brexit with UK and EU national identities in flux, it is deeply relevant to a modern audience.

Producer: Lucy Baxter
Director: Simon Aeppli
Executive Producer: James Marsh

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